cover image of This Here Is Devil's work features a fire and blackened earth

This year, I had the good fortune to have my debut novel, This Here is Devil’s Work, published by the University of Nevada Press. It was a long time in the works, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to the Press for making that dream come true.

One of the key people who made my book, This Here is Devil’s Work, a reality is JoAnne Banducci. At the time, she was the interim director for the Press, and recently, the powers that be had the good sense to knock the “interim” off her title, elevating her to full Director. As her first act in this role—and just in time for the holidays—she is offering a deal: 30% all books purchased from the Press’s website ( There are a dozen books in the UNP catalog I would recommend—from the recently published To Know a Starry Night to Crush to the book that launched the Press, Sweet Promised Land.

But if you haven’t already, I ask you to consider purchasing my novel: This Here is Devil’s Work. It’s a braided narrative about wildland firefighters and cattle rustlers trying to make ends meet in the rugged American West. To get the deal, just use the promo code ff30 when you check out.

And if you have already read the novel and enjoyed it, consider rating or reviewing it on Amazon, Goodreads, or any other outlet you’d trust to give you the skinny on new books. In addition to whatever hit of dopamine these reviews might give me, they are important to feeding the almighty algorithms that help spread the word about the book.